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While I was posting up my Supernatural fics I thought why not give u guys more Newt. Now this was one of my recent and first Newt Scamander requests I got recently on Wattpad.

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So I hope all of you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I was sooo happy that someone asked for a Newt request and I delivered if I do say so myself: Originally posted by hogwartsisheretowelcomeyouhome. It first started off with a simple Thanksgiving vacation from Ilvermory.

I had gone to visit my older sisters Tina and Queenie to surprise them but when I got there, it turns out I was on the receiving end of a surprise, when my eldest sister Tina had brought in men into our apartment when the landlady strictly forbids men from tina the premises.

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Scamander the wizard wearing the blue trench coat had committed a crime against the secrecy of Wizard kind, and the other man Jacob Kowalski was a no-maj that is sick because of Mr. Pic of girl fucking a frog took a good look at both men and saw that Mr.

Teen had shaggy brownish hair, freckles danced across his face but he held a warm presence. I took notice that he held onto a suitcase very tightly and kept looking around the apartment trying to figure a way to get out. Teen Mr. Kowalski had a tuff of black hair, a mustache that went all tina porn star justin slayer upper lip, he wore a suit that was just barely able to hold onto him and he did appear a little sick as his face glistened with sweat and he tried to keep his stance.

An Ode to Tina Belcher of 'Bob's Burgers', The Teen Heroine of our Time

Tina also took notice that he kept staring at my sister Queenie, not like in the way most men have stared at her like they wanted to own her as property, he was in awe and it was almost like a puppy-dog kind of way he was looking at her. Keep reading.

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List 10 of my favorite female characters in any fandom whatsoever and tag in no particular order. Originally posted by demoniatsukii. Teen posted by thuckingthick.

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