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Simon Rex Cutright born July 20,[1] also known as Dirt Nastyis modeling American actor, modeling, comedian, and simon. He later developed a rap persona, Dirt Nasty, and had several solo albums and co-founded the supergroup Three Loco. Insimon 19, Rex began his career, responding to a modeling advertisement in a Los Angeles magazine and agreed to be photographed nude for photographer Brad Posey and his Club studio; the following year, under the alias Sebastian, he rex in solo masturbation scenes for three Club pornographic films: Archive footage modeling used in the films Hot Sessions 11 and Hot Nude Rex entered the music industry in as a rap artist after becoming friends with and discovering Egpyt nude hot girls Avalon.

InRex played an iconic rex of a legendary rap battle league organizer in the movie Bodied.

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It is centered on a clothing designer in her 30s, Ava Gregory, raising her niece and nephews after their parents die in a tragic accident, they live with three of Ava's friends who help raise the kids in the fictional city of Playa Linda, California.

Summerland premiered on June 1, on the now defunct television network The WB ; the series ran for a total of 26 episodes over two seasons. Its cancellation was announced on May 15, and the last episode aired on July 18, A soundtrack was released on Doctor teaching male masturbation 19, and the show has been syndicated in many countries; the series follows Ava Gregory, a fashion designer, her house mates and niece and nephews as they learn to cope with a life-changing event and each other.

After the death of nude parents, Bradin and Derrick Westerly leave their home rex Kansas to live with modeling Aunt Ava in Playa Linda, California, they live with three other house mates: Ava's ex-boyfriend.

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The show follows the struggles that these friends and family face as they adapt to their new lives together. Rex has an on-again-off-again relationship with Erika Spaldingwho becomes Bradin's surfing instructor.

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Cameron Bale is Nikki's classmate. Summerland featured a main cast of eight characters.

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In the second season, simon appearing as a recurring member in the first season, Zac Efron was added to the main cast; this brought the total number of main characters nude nine. Ava has a hectic life and modeling the stressful task of raising three children, who are all devastated at the loss of their parents and who deal with their loss in different ways.

Johnny Durant is Ava's ex-boyfriend who still remains her roommate until Season 2. He opens up his own restaurant. Despite hiding it, he is still in love with Ava. Susannah Rexford is business partner and roommate.

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Jay Robertson is an Australian, who lives with Ava nude Playa Linda and is the "big brother" to the children, he was dating Erika, despite his notorious behavior for being a playboy.

Bradin Westerly is the oldest of the three children, he copes with the loss of his parents by drinking, getting involved in drugs and earns a reputation as a wild child. He is an exceptional surfer and is offered a sponsorship by many major companies rex his personal problems seem to get in the way on more than one occasion. Erika Spalding is Jay's girlfriend, she helps coach Bradin with his surfing. She leaves to take care of her mother, but begins simon Bradin.

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Derrick Westerly is the youngest child. Despite being close to his Aunt Ava, he can't quite get nude the loss of his parents at such a young age. In season two, Efron became a part of simon main cast after appearing as a recurring star in season one.