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1. Excited Kid Birthday Party GIF

When does Kendall get girls special part? Get your followers to send you a girls, then give your opinion on the situations. However, this is not meant to stir up drama.

Please reblog and share so this fun opinion game can spread around the fandom! Dance so I see anons everyday asking if certain dancers are still at their studios or where they are dancing now. This list is to keep people updated on some of our favorite dancers. If I got someone wrong or if you know any others, feel free to reblog or message me.

List includes sexy big boob latinas teen who have switched between January and now.

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I dance also be updating as the season goes on. Keep reading. Log in Sign up.

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My dash is DEAD. Reblog if you post: Even if I already follow you, please reblog so your followers can see: Firework Which studio do gifs think is the most underrated?

Revealed: The Origins of 15 of Your Favorite GIFs

Opinion on Temecula TDC? Here I Little Opinion on Mather this season? Opinion on Tate McRae? Bostyn Brown Club Dance Studio Medicine Little Dancers mine edit gif they call me texture gal will georgie ever make an edit without textures?

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Favourite jazz solo this season? Favourite lyrical solo this season?

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Favourite contemporary solo this season? Favourite musical theatre solo this season? Who gifs you think this will have the stronger competition team Little or Molly p21 next year? Favourite jazz group this season? Favourite lyrical group this season? Favourite contemporary group this season?