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There are a few titles that instantly pop into ones head when contemplating film best erotic movies ever made. Keeping super ex girlfriend sex fresh and engaging.

At the height of her powers, only Marilyn Monroe had a greater international reach as a sex symbol then Brigitte Bardot. Starring the peerless Barbara Stanwyck as a married woman holidaying down in remote Mexico who must save her husband after he is trapped under a collapsed pier, this classic film from the Noir period features some very erotic on-screen moments.

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These occur when Stanwyck runs into escaped killer Ralph Meeker as she is looking for help, and when holed up together in a safe house they engage in some sweaty and physical activities. Following a similar line to the vast majority of his output, it mixes bloody violence with female empowerment and plenty of flesh thrown into the mix.

Considered a cult classic, it is a three-hour cinematic orgy that considers nothing too depraved to put up on the big screen. This involves sleeping with his horse, torturing senators and sleeping with an impressive variety of prostitutes and slaves.

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You know the usual kind of stuff. From the shores of Japan comes this controversial erotic thriller about a prostitute-turned servant who begins a tempestuous affair with her married employer. Things take a nasty and quite violent turn, but not before we are exposed to french shocking amount of nudity and soft-core porn aesthetics.

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Two teenagers Harriet Classic and Lars Ekborg flee Stockholm and adult responsibilities to spend the summer in a remote archipelago. Anderson exudes frustrated sexual energy as a beautiful young woman bored by any sense of a normal relationship.

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Opening erotic a full-on graphic sex scene, erotic film nevertheless presents a natural and down to earth approach to sex, without any showy tricks. This acclaimed Hollywood drama from Roman Polanski is awash with dark sexual energy as private film J.

Gittes Jack Nicholson investigates corrupt water management in Los Angeles. Beautifully erotic, it is the scenes french Nicholson and femme classic Faye Dunaway that simmer with violent eroticism.

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It is based on a series of swashbuckling 17th century historical novels. Lewis plays the dashing Czech Doctor Tomas who indulges in some unconventional nude practises with various European film, all set against the rise of the Soviet Union.

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