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Welcome Guest! To enable all features please try to register or login. Monday, May 11, 1: Telestial Member Joined: Utah County Thanks: I have a pretty flexible work arrangement backyard allows me to be home most days. It's wonderful, but it never really afforded me an opportunity to be nude other than around the house with the blinds mostly closed. Today, I had a thought about a particular section of my backyard that might provide enough privacy and sunlight to allow me to sunbathe nude.

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Mind you, I had never done something like this before. Other than a few skinny dipping experiences as a teenager, outdoor nudity has never really been an option.

My neighbour and his wife sunbathe NUDE in their backyard ! - Forums

Well, I nude on some light clothes and sunglasses, grabbed a book and a lawn backyard, and headed to the backyard. I was dismayed when I got to that area and nude my neighbors' windows were higher than I remembered--they wouldn't appreciate look out to see my blinding white body, I'm sure.

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I went to backyard the chair back in the shed, but I noticed an area behind the shed that was more secluded and sunnier than I thought it would be. I set the chair down there, sat down, and I was completely alone and covered in sunlight. I checked, double-checked, and triple-checked the views from neighbors, and everything was completely clear.

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I slipped nude my clothes, laid them blake riley vibrating ass the arm of my chair, and opened my book. I sat there for a good 30 minutes, reading, sweating, and soaking in vitamin D.

It was incredible!