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winsome does salt water pool need shock

Oct 19, 2015 - Saltwater pools use regular table salt to create chlorine, by passing the . Can you use the salt cell to shock, or should you use pool shock? . whether you have small spots in out of the way places, or a very green pool. So, you still have a chlorine pool, but the way you add chlorine and kill algae is slightly different. . You can test it yourself with test strips If you click this link and make a . If you salt water pool is light green or teal, then you should double shock . If the salt water chlorinator is being installed on an existing pool, the water does not . However, the water needs to be tested and properly balanced before the salt If the chlorine level is low, it can be raised by adding Zappit Pool Shock . Salt water pools, just like other pools, sometimes need to be . It may seem unnecessary to do this before shocking your pool, but an imbalance of any of these . Want the truth how a salt water pool actually works? This article . the pool is sanitized. Instead of using chlorine tablets and shock it uses a chlorine generator.

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