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pretty pool solar blanket bubbles up or down

Jul 18, 2017 - Down is the right answer. These covers work by the sun rays heating the air trapped within the bubbles. The heat is then transferred into the water, and this is why you should ensure the bubbles face down toward the water. Jul 3, 2017 - In this way, the UV rays from the sun will heat the bubbles and then transfer them to your pool water. Since the bubbles are facing down directly into your pool, it heats them that much faster. Jul 5, 2017 - Spread it out bubble-side down on top of the pool water. The bubbles keep your cover afloat while acting as little magnifying glasses to heat up your pool. Straight out of the box, the solar blanket will probably hang out over the sides of your pool, especially if you have a uniquely shaped pool. Find and save tips about Unique Swimming Pool solar Cover Bubbles Up or Down Collection and How to Keep Your current Swimming Pool Area Thoroughly . Apr 16, 2017 - solar pool covers solar pool covers bubbles up or down solar pool cover . Solar rings are pretty much solar pool covers but broken up into . Jul 12, 2013 - Traditional Solar Blankets, are available in all sizes, ranging in . your solar blanket is pretty easy – simply lay the cover on the pool with the bubbles facing down on the water, and the smooth side facing up towards the sky. Oct 18, 2011 - Solar pool covers are available in various thicknesses, measured in . your solar blanket is pretty quick and easy – just lay the cover on the pool with the bubbles facing down on the water, and the smooth side facing up . Feb 13, 2014 - Most solar covers last for up to three years, though many people replace them more frequently. Utilizing a . Nice for night swimming here on the east coast… . The bubbles are supposed to go down, against the water, right?

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