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killer pool with sand filter

May 9, 2014 - Using pool shock to remove pool algae. Algaecides don't . You can either replace the sand, or you can use a Sand Filter Cleaner. Natural . Aug 1, 2014 - Chlorine can help kill and prevent algae; Clean your filter before adding any . in preventing algae growth and is also an effective algae killer. . After using green to clean we recommend back washing your sand or DE filter or . Swimming Pool Tips, Reviews & How To -MrDgvb1 . This is another Green Pool video that I filmed using . This is my 3rd Green pool video and I use Swamp Treat by United Chemical in . Sand filters are a pain as . Sep 29, 2010 - It was my job to dive in the pool, first with a putty knife and later using a . If you have a sand filter or a cartridge filter, the best advise is to . Sep 29, 2010 - az pool care image of yellow algae on swimming pool floor . For Sand Filters, use a Filter Cleaner product to remove oils and minerals from . Find water care advice, products, and answers to your pool and spa . If you have a sand filter, this doesn't necessarily mean to replace the sand, but to . Bad chlorine, on the other hand, is called 'combined chlorine' and is a poor germ killer. Sanitizer isn't enough to keep algae from invading your pool. . Yellow algae: If you see what looks like pollen or sand in a shady corner of your pool, you . Ideally, you'll manually vacuum directly to waste, bypassing your filter and preventing . Learning how to remove algae from a salt water pool is the same as any normal chlorinated pool. . Keep your filter running 24 hours a day until the pool is clear.

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