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sympathetic pool skimmer basket stuck

Jun 21, 2007 - Has anyone had this problem? when it comes time to twist, and remove the skimmer basket it is stuck. So stuck that I have to get a screw driver . Jun 15, 2007 - I'm in the middle of an algae clean up and have been using a skimmer sock to filter out the extra algae and debris. The pressure from the sock caused my first basket to break. . This morning, I changed the sock and was going about raking my pool when I heard the pump make a different . Aug 18, 2016 - I am on my 4th skimmer basket in 4 years. Maybe that is normal. But basically it gets stuck in. How to use the Skimmer Basket Puller. Made in America and Patent Pending. Remove your skimmer basket . You can try greasing the filter basket 'O' ring and if your suction- side piping is 1.5' . I'd have some sympathy for the installer if you'd been offered an optional bug . I have shocked the pool, increased the chlorine setting, run the skimmer on . hayward inground pool skimmer baskets doughboy basket replacement for sale,pool skimmer baskets with handles basket stuck for sale ,swimming pool .

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