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nice pool noodles around fireplace

We have a lovely stone fireplace in our living room, but it stopped being lovely . proofing DIY! Cut a pool noodle down one side and slip over fireplace stone. Baby proof fireplace hearth- basic idea, now just have to make it cute 🙂 Fireplace . Cut a pool noodle down one side and slip over fireplace stone hearth. Not only did Mandy answer her own Good Question for baby-proofing her concrete hearth, she utilized a crib bumper to do it! Actually, Mandy's brilliant . We've talked before about using a pool noodle as a babyproofing aid, but here's a specific application many folks ask about: the stone or brick hearth. From Jen:. May 20, 2013 - While baby-proofing my house, the raised brick fireplace in my living . Thankfully, I didn't have to — pool noodles did the trick, instead! . as expensive) as rollers sold in sporting good and fitness stores for this 'sole' purpose! Baby bumper made from pool noodles and self stick Velcro! . and self stick Velcro! See more. Pool noodles on the fireplacebaby proofing. for noodles, . Feb 21, 2015 - We've covered how a pool noodle can protect kids from falling out of bed, but they also can protect kids from sharp table edges. Depending on . Aug 15, 2013 - This is the lovely brick fireplace hearth I have surrounding my electric fireplace positioned right . 2 Pool Noodles (depending on size of hearth). I have looked on line to buy the foam, thinking it would not be too bad but it was . Create a bumper for your fireplace hearth with a pool noodle!

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