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kind how to clean a pool cue

how to select, characterize, maintain, and use different types of pool cues. . cleaning. How do you clean and maintain a cue? Wiping with a damp rag and . Here at PoolDawg, we have some great products to help you keep your stick slick and cuesmith clean. Quick Touch Ups: When your pool cue starts to get dirty . My hands sweat a lot when I practice/play pool & I don't use any kind of Powder. Usually I just wash my hands when i start to feel like the. Cue shaft cleaning Ask The Instructor. . You can buy Mr. Clean Magic Eraser at the grocery store - it's a special kind of white sponge If you eat anything while playing pool, wash your hands before grabbing your cue, again. Learn the steps you need to take to maintain your pool cue clean all the time. . Learn The Different Types of Foosball Tables . Pool Cue Sticks; Towel; Dish soap; Water; Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (Optional); Wood Polish (Optional); Drinking . Feb 28, 2015 - Scotch Brite green scouring pad - this is a slightly abrasive pad that you wrap firmly around the cue shaft and vigorously move up and down. OB Cues pushes the limits of technology in pool cues and pool cue design. . Next we clean the shaft using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser soaked with denatured .

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