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Portable Baptistry DELUXE PACKAGE INCLUDES: Fiberglass Tank with drain, Unstained Oak Cabinet, Wooden top, Wooden steps, Cross, Drain with Rear . The portable baptistry is perfect for smaller churches, churches with limited area for a full size baptism pool or for churches that meet in a facility where it is . Portable Baptistry on Wheels Movable Baptismal Pools. Easy to move portable Our portable baptistry is the perfect solution for many churches. Find out the answers to the Community prayer box - What a fantastic idea!! Youth Ministry . Nine members participating in church's first indoor baptism service; using portable baptismal. Notice Kassie's gift to us & how she is still 'with us' - thro. SUPERIOR FIBERGLASS. P.O. Box 1989 . Jacksonville, Texas, illustrates the enduring beauty of Superior Fiberglass products. 2. 800-527-8438 PORTABLE BAPTISTRY . in a wall-mounted cross that adds distinction to your church. Built. Sep 6, 2011 - If you look at the portable swimming pools (with the blow up ring on top) they hold about the same amount of water and This looks fantastic. . Any tips on keeping the surface of the water clean in the portable baptismal? We have a great selection of church baptistries of all shapes and sizes to meet all of your . Designed to mount at ends of baptismal pool steps for drainage. Feb 9, 2018 - Click to see our full line of permanent & portable church baptistries. See our huge . finish lasting for years. If you'd like your baptism pool in a different color, just call us! . Have a wonderful day and may God bless. Johny R.

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