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offers cheap portable baptismal pools

The portable baptistry is perfect for smaller churches, churches with limited area for a . Fiberglass box style Model EZ-P portable baptism pool, is complete with . We also offer a removable heater with pump that can be used to drain as well . . bulky and expensive. Here's an affordable alternative solution. . To date, we've baptized nearly 100 people in this spa portable baptistry. Here's a video… LIVE . I am curious how you safely get folks in and out of the pool? Reply. Buddy on . Easy to move portable baptistry on wheels. . Price includes: heater, steps, insulated cover, water treatment . Portable Baptistry Movable Baptismal Pools. Info. Church Baptistry Baptistery Heaters Portable Baptistries Baptismal Pools . your Portable Baptistry component(s) insured for the full replacement purchase price. . PortableBaptistry.com offers a Repair or Replace Service for damaged . Factory direct church baptistries, baptismal pools and baptistry heaters shipped . PortableBaptistry.com has affordable baptism baptisteries from 99. . We also offer a full line of baptism accessories including: Baptistry Heaters, Splash . We offer permanent and portable baptistries as well as baptistry heaters and accessories. . At 6'4″ long and 34 3/8″ wide, the model B portable baptistry comfortably holds one adult while the pastor stands outside the tub . Price: ,879.00. PORTABLE BAPTISTRY PORTABLE BAPTISTRIES: We offer 2 models of portable baptistry with options to fit most church budgets. Portable Fiberglass Baptistry & Baptismal Pools . We offer portable baptistries such as the TMRX Portable & the FS Portable, . Price - 295.00 + Shipping. We can custom-build any size or shape and offer several material and color options to blend with your decor. Our baptistry tanks are light-weight and fold for .

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