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fresh pool filter sand aquarium ph

i am cycling my 75g tank. i switched to pool filter sand i picked up at ace. . sand test with the new ph from the tap, just for fun. ill see how it goes . Nov 20, 2011 - Aquarium Advice - Aquarium Forum Community > Freshwater > Freshwater . I know most sand contains calcium carbonate which raises ph. . I use Estes Marine Sand (actually silica based sand) and definitely prefer this. Jun 1, 2008 - Hye everyone! Just a quick question, I'm setting up a malawi tank and well i purchased pool filter sand (Silica sand), what i want to to know is May 26, 2017 - I've been trying to start up a new tank for about a month now - I LOVE the look of sand and especially of pool filter sand since it's not as likely to get compacted. I would like to use pool filter sand because I've heard that it is heavier so . in a limited PH range, so carbonate sand would be a problem for a pool filter. . It says on the back of the package that is is safe for fresh water tanks. 1- Pool Filter Sand by Fairmount Minerals 'A solid option for beginners' . Suitable for freshwater tanks as well as saltwater; pH neutral and no dyes or paints. May 5, 2010 - I got some silica sand from the pool store and tested the PH of the run off when washing the sand. . I don't think I want to use this stuff in my tank. there you go I thought all sand was coral basedagain learnt something new. would . I have used the pool filter sand from Clarke rubber and it did not raise ph. Mar 12, 2008 - Can different makes/types of Pool Filter Sand affect the PH? Personnaly I don't think so but I was asked about this on an Aquarium forum. . water when the sand is new, there is no significant erosion of the sand into the water. Aug 13, 2014 - You can find some of the best deals on Pool Filter Sand at Amazon.com . is CaribSea Super Naturals Aquarium Sand , which is pH neutral sand, that is . been used for household cleaning) about halfway with your new sand.

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