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unique pool skimmers not pulling water

Switch From a Skimmer to a Main Drain · Swimming Pool Water Is Not . along a swimming pool's walls that pull floating debris into their storage baskets. I have a 4 by 8 pool depth around 4.75 and I am having problems getting a good suction from the skimmer, which I need . Water level below the skimmer and your system will draw in air. . Hope this helps and have a great swimming season. Apr 14, 2011 - Q: I have a big problem with my swimming pool. . I lifted off the top of the skimmer and noticed that the water was not moving and there was no suction. . As the suction from the pump pulls water through the basket, debris . CLOGGED SKIMMER BASKET - If your skimmer basket is full of debris, you . Check out the blog titled 'How to Fix Priming Problems in Your Pool Plumbing'. Now that our area is safe we will want to remove the pool skimmer lid. . Pull the basket out and pour the contents into a trash can or into bucket to be . You may hear a woosh of water as the clog is released by the sudden surge of water. . All the debris we did not remove with the snake will be headed toward them so . May 16, 2014 - I only noticed yesterday that the 2 skimmers are not pulling. . Swimming Pools & Swimming Ponds › Pool skimmers not pulling . If so undo the locking screw on the skimmer side of the valve and see if water comes out. May 27, 2010 - The skimmer was also taking in water at a low rate. . and both main drains are pulling fine, however the other skimmer is not pulling at all. Jun 25, 2012 - Hi, have a pumping problem and no idea how to fix it! . the pump isn't pulling water through the pool skimmer basket again, although there so the pool will stay 'open' all winter, although I'm not planning on swimming in it!) Do you see air bubbles shooting out of the return jets in your swimming pool? . If your pool doesn't have enough water, your skimmer(s) might be pulling in air. . Make sure your skimmer baskets are not damaged and seated properly to .

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