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Jul 28, 2013 - Unfortunately, it's that time of year again to break out the winter cover and close up the pool. You can successfully learn how to close an . Sep 29, 2010 - how to close your in ground swimmming pool . High chlorine levels can weaken your winter pool cover, so be careful not to allow highly . Aug 7, 2014 - As summer winds down, it is time to start getting your pool ready for the cold winter months. Properly winterizing your pool will protect your . Final Pool Closing Steps. Drain the pool's water level to appropriate level below the skimmer opening. Remove the directional fittings and install the freeze plugs. Shut off the filter pump, drain all equipment and store as recommended by the pool manufacturer. In extreme cold climates, add swimming pool anti-freeze. We have a separate post about how most pool owners commonly deal with how to winterize a . How to winterize and close an in-ground swimming pool. How to Close an Inground Pool. How To Close an Above Ground Pool. Commonly asked Questions about Pool Closings. Winter Pool Care Instructions . Properly closing your pool for the winter saves a lot of time and money when you . Lower the water with a pump: the 'main drain' of an in ground pool can do . How to Close Inground Pools . Debris left in the pool over the winter may cause staining. . 4) Blow out the underground lines and plug return outlets. Using a . Sep 19, 2016 - Pool closing tips for in ground pools, just like the DIY pool kits we sell! . you will need, for your particular pool type. pool-winter-supplies.

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