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Contrary to what you may have heard, a good pool professional will encourage the use of the smallest pump possible to filter all of your pool water in a given . Feb 2, 2016 - Here are a few of the most popular trends in pools right now: . of plants to filter the water and keep the pool clean versus standard filtration systems. . But that's not the whole story, small pools have the advantage of being . It's amazing the many luxury swimming pool trends that are at play . These areas are also good for when you have small children that should be wading rather . May 14, 2017 - Good Housekeeping strongly recommends still doing basic pool maintenance on your lo-tech pool. A pool filter and pump, proper chlorine . Mar 21, 2018 - Here are 5 new pool trends that 2018 swimming pool designers are . Diving pools, lap pools and sport pools; Small pools and custom pool . May 8, 2018 - One of the trends in in-ground pools for 2018 is luxury. . Properties are getting smaller and smaller these days, but the dream of having an in-ground pool . of an in-ground pool in an insulated casing to energy-efficient filter . Want to see the latest trends in home pool construction? . you're finally going to take the plunge to create the backyard pool environment of your dreams, . in mind and select the devices to circulate and filter pool water that are hyper-efficient. Oct 3, 2016 - If you are looking for some inspiration for a new top of the line pool or . Fitness pools offer a great solution for small spaces or large facilities. Jan 20, 2018 - UPDATED: Jan 20, 2018 THE SMALL POOL TREND A trend we have . Less water equates to less run time for filters, less chemicals used, . Jul 9, 2013 - Cartridge filters also led the pack in the West with 51 percent. . findings from a previous study and noted a significant reversal in market trends. . The most effective gunk remover, DE traps matter as small as two microns .

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