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breathtaking polaris pool sweep not moving

Has your Polaris pool cleaner stopped moving? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Check out these 5 troubleshooting tips to get your Polaris cleaning again. Jun 12, 2015 - My Polaris 360 is not moving (it appears the wheels are not turning). . It move the little 'tail' and the cleaner bag is up so, it looks like it has water flowing, but it won't move. . Are you getting water out of the thrust jet, tail sweep hose, and the three main jets in the suction . Feb 8, 2012 - The wheels kinda try to move, they rotate very slowly but not enough to . this summer would be it's 4th year to sweep the pool, unfortunately it's DOA. Amazing how one tiny piece of vegetation can shut the whole unit down. 1334 reviews of Polaris 280 Pressure Pool Cleaner from , CA It works pretty well. However, it cannot be left without being checked on. It has a spot it just loves to get hung up on and no matter how I adjust it, it keeps happening. . It's quite impressive. . 280 moved all around the pool which is an average 25,000 gal pool. A suction side cleaner would not work well in this pool, since it has no side . If I did not plug up two of the jets and restrict one other, this Polaris would not move. The dark hoses and dark body just make this cleaner look awesome in a pool. It will remove the dirt collecting on the sides of the pools and leaves stuck there. . The Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 works in any in ground pool, cleaning everything . Polaris™ 65 Pressure Side Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner NOTE: if you experience any trouble with this product not moving or moving in circles, . PoolSupplyTown Pool Cleaner Feed Hose Nut Fits Polaris 280, 380, 180 Pool hose kit and in-line back-up valve to auto-reverse and free itself it gets stuck.

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