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The sun then dries it, causing high concentrations of chlorine on top of the cover that may damage the fabric. You can wash the cover with a mild hand dish washing liquid every 3-6 months to remove this accumulation. However, do not use laundry detergent or any other chemicals to clean the cover. The water level in the pool should always be kept within 12' of the top of the pool . After removing or prior to installing the cover, clean out all the anchor sockets . The all natural cleaner works great on all types of covers as it breaks down organic contaminates that build up and soil outdoor storage and pool covers. Responsibility Release - Prior to service on your pool cover, we require that you sign . All pulleys and fittings are lubricated, cover operation is adjusted, dirt is . Your cover is cleaned using our specially formulated UVL Cleaner & Protectant. To ensure carefree operation of your automatic pool cover system we suggest you perform the following . Cast ¾ qt of Coverstar Central Cleaner over the cover. Oct 27, 2015 - As an automatic pool cover owner, you'll benefit from the clean pool, heat . Will you need professional help, or can you do it all yourself? Automatic pool covers must be cleaned ever 3-6 months. . Clean every 3-6 months using a garden hose, pool brush, cover pump and mild detergent such as . Oct 12, 2012 - They want to know about maintenance and or cleaning the pool cover . nylon pool brush to gently scrub, then use the cover pump to get all the . Cover Care prioritizes safety above all else in the swimming pool environment. . Clean out automatic pool cover tracks at least twice a year to remove debris .

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