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2 hours ago - Staff photo by Harry Lynch The News & Observer . an owl swooped down on Kathleen Peterson outside her home on Cedar Street in Durham . 5 days ago - 'The Staircase' follows the story of Michael Peterson's trial for the murder of his wife, Kathleen, . AP Photo/Kevin Seifert AP Photo/Kevin Seifert . 1 day ago - Michael Peterson in Netflix's 'The Staircase. . The prosecution focused on photos and emails found on Michael Peterson's computer that . 5 days ago - One theory about the death of Kathleen Peterson at the center of 'The . Netflix Original Series, Ranked From Great to Phenomenal (Photos). 4 days ago - The first episode presents the events of that night, the strange 911 call from Peterson, the crime scene photos that show way too much blood for . 5 days ago - Michael Peterson was accused of killing his wife, Kathleen. He said she fell down the stairs. (Photo: Netflix). The bad news is you have jury duty . 1 day ago - Michael Peterson, left, and Jean-Xavier de Lestrade. Photo: WhatsUp / Netflix. The granddaddy of true-crime docuseries, The Staircase follows . 1 day ago - A Guide To The Complicated Family Tree Of The Staircase . After Atwater saw her mother Kathleen's autopsy photos, however, she became .

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