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cute pool salt calculator

Pentair Pool Salinity Calculator - Wondering how much salt you need to get your saltwater pool to the ideal salt level? This calculator will help. For proper chlorine production in a salt water pool, it is extremely important that the salt parts per million(PPM) to be kept as close to the system recommendations as possible. Operating a chlorine generator outside the recommended salt PPM can result in poor chlorine production . This guide tells you what salt to use in your pool, how much to add, and how to . your salt level to 3500 ppm, calculate the number of gallons in your pool and pool salt), ran filter and waited 24hrs, swg started but read low salt and cut off. May 7, 2008 - Last year when I first added salt to my pool, the pool calculator said I . I'm pretty sure my pool volume estimate is pretty close because, like I . Not sure how much salt your above ground or inground swimming pool needs to run . Then, cut a hole in the bottom of the bag and let the salt spill out on its own. . We recommend that you add a little less than your calculations recommend. Apr 24, 2007 - Now I would like to bring my salt level up to aroun. . Go to the web page at the link below.scroll down about half way and there is a pretty neat salt calculator. Here is a link that might be useful: Pool Salt Calculator. Feb 19, 2014 - Being in the business of salt pools, naturally one of our most frequently asked . Record each measurement and have a salinity cut off point. . Then, calculate out exactly how many lbs. of salt are required to bring your pool . According to the calculator the salt level in my pool is 6200ppm. . If you SWCG has a high salt cut off function it means that it will not run if the . Apr 10, 2016 - Now that you have the volume of the water that is present in the pool all that is left is to calculate the amount of salt that needs to be added.

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