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Hydrazzo was the first polished marble pool finish in the industry. Hydrazzo is the smoothest pool finish available. Polished marble consists of blended white marble aggregates, graded color aggregates, and other composites to achieve a silky smooth, yet non-slip, finish. . Offering a huge array of dazzling color selections, Hydrazzo Classico is naturally resistant to spot etching, topical stains . Nov 13, 2015 - Pool Finish – Hydrazzo the long lasting pool finish that finishes your . that you will agree that Hydrazzo offers everything from Arctic white to . . Hydrazzo Pool Finish. Find ideas and inspiration for Hydrazzo Pool Finish to add to your own home. . The stepping stones deal with the latter. Pool - modern . Hydrazzo: Luxury Marble Finish for Newtown Pools . We also offer a number of other pool services, including pool stain removal, acid washes and pool repair. May 13, 2016 - Absolute Pools & Waterscapes offers tips on how to choose the right plaster for . The secret to the Aquavations Hydrazzo finish is the final step . Hydrazzo. This popular pool finish offers a sleek and smooth texture, combined with the proven durability of exposed aggregates. With unique color selections . Oct 9, 2013 - Hydrazzo is a sanded/polished finish and it takes many more man hours the basic 5 or so regular sunstone colors they offer in pool package. CL Industries pebble pool finishes are known for their durability, longevity, . pebble finish, French Gray, is a .

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