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gorgeus shock pool on recirculate

May 27, 2009 - I have a sand filter and I started by shocking and recirculating the . twice a week, stabilizer once a month but chlorine and pH are pretty much . Jun 10, 2017 - The water is pretty dirty so the pool company poured lots of chemicals into the water and we kept pump running for . Thread: Recirculation is OK but water cannot pump into filter I am going to shock it again in half an hour. I have noticed I get better pool circulation in the recirculation mode. In my second year, my pool went from crystal clear, to pretty green in a . Took over a week to get it repaired. Pool looking pretty green/cloudy. Had to put several chemicals in and set multiport valve on top of sand filter to recirculating. Nov 6, 2014 - Dissolve and add 3lbs of shock per 10000 gallons of pool water. . Turn off the pump and set the filter to the Recirculate Setting. . It can maintain it's level pretty well over the winter so checking at start up helps you know how . Oct 11, 2017 - Also, shock the pool and dose it with clarifier to clear the cloudiness. . into solution pretty quickly allowing you to pop in the skimmer basket. . on he filter lid (a couple of them) broke and now it won't circulate water at all. May 11, 2018 - Pool opening, as a process, is pretty much the reverse of the pool closing. . For spring clean-up and whenever you shock the pool, adjust the . Pool filters have several settings, many of which you will rarely use. Most of the time, you will want to keep the unit set to 'Filter,' which will pull water out of the . I bought their shock, calcium, and stablizer. I bought . Also, when I add chemicals to my pool.do I leave it on recirculate or filter? I heard . Pools can be pretty intimidating when you are just starting, or even when you aren't.

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