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ideal pool tablets in toilet

Is it safe to use the big chlorine tablets for a swimming pool in the toilet? Like the Clorox tablets only larger? I buy them by the bucket full in the summer and . Jun 7, 2011 - Placing a pool chlorine tablet meant to disinfect a 10,000-gallon swimming pool into a 2-gallon toilet tank would create extreme chlorine odors. I use bromine tablets in my hot tub all the time. Then I use chlorine pucks (Lysol?) that seem to be very similar, and put these in the water . Jun 13, 2017 - I know exactly what you are trying to accomplish here, and i will tell you the best way NOT to do it, But like most people, you still want to try and . Amazon.com: Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets with Bleach - 4 . since toilet still smells like a swimming pool after removing the tablet 3 weeks ago. I have a large quantity of chlorine tablets with no use for them. Do you think they will work in the toilet tanks or would it be too much chlorine? Jul 31, 2010 - So what to do with those trichlor tabs- TOILET BOWL CLEANER! . At any rate, as others have recommended, we keep the trichlor tabs for . Swimming Pool Chlorine - 3' Tabs - use as - Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Bleach Tablets - drop a tablet into the Toilet Tank once a month. Keep your toilets . Chlorine tablets that are designed for use in a swimming pool contain much more chlorine than you need for your toilet's tank and bowl. Using a pool chlorine . Slow release toilet cleaners are expensive and/or don't last all that long. Since we've got a pool we've always got chlorine tablets around.

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