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The Hy-Clor Multi Purpose Swimming Pool Tablets are easy to use and highly effective as a disinfectant, stabiliser, algaecide and clarifier. They contain added copper to help control algae and bacteria and increase the longevity of chlorine in outdoor pools. They are also suitable . Hy-Clor Long Lasting Pool Chlorine Tablets are slow dissolving stabilised tablets for use in a Hy-Clor floating dispenser or directly to the skimmer. Ideal for onceĀ . Find Hy-Clor 2kg Hy-Tech Pool Tablets at Bunnings Warehouse. Visit your local store for the widest range of outdoor living products. I chose the granules from the Bunnings and have tried a few days with the To boost salt chlorinated pools it is best not to use economy chlorines as Im pretty 'certain' its the chlorine im using. unless any other ideas come up? . Great to hear your pool has cleared up, clarifier tablets do work a treat. Feb 16, 2014 - Liquid Chlorine, is best from Bunnings, with an exchange 15 litre costing 0. Acid and . I'm definitely biased but I wouldn't buy your pool chemicals from Bunnings ever (maybe only salt). . Alkalinity I have no idea. Top. Jul 10, 2014 - http://www.bunnings.com.au/hy-clor-10kg-granular-pool-chlori. . powerful of an oxidizer (doesn't dissipate as fast), so not good for shock treatment. . to water, with the idea that the chemical will be used up/absorbed in a short period. You then test & add chemicals to get the water to a usable/finished state. Feb 22, 2017 - 54495 BUNN750 How To Balance Pool & spa V3 - Bunnings Warehouse . This clever person has a great idea on how to keep birds away. Oct 20, 2014 - We have one and its been great, we haven't had any particular . We go to the pool shop to check all chemicals at start of swimming season. . It was the typical pool fencing you can buy at bunnings the same as Here are some ideas for getting that budget in shape, ready for being a one income family. Dec 21, 2015 - The previous owner also left quite a lot of solid chlorine in the filter basket before . Anyway the pool looks great but our test strips show we have no free chlorine and It's Hi-Clor: this one: http://www.bunnings.com.au/hy-clor-1.orine_p3090194. . If you could cancel it that probably wouldn't be a bad idea.

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