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modern average cost of fiberglass pool resurfacing

Although its initial cost is normally ,000-0,000 less than a fiberglass or concrete pool, its long-term cost is often much more. With the average liner replacement costing around ,000, one can easily make up the price difference within 10-15 years after the pool's installation. As a general rule, to find the average price of a fiberglass pool package of this type, take the length of the pool and add ,000–,000 dollars. For example, a 30-ft. fiberglass pool package might cost 4,000. Most people will spend another ,000–5,000 in pool accessories, electrical work, patio, and fencing. However, the average cost falls in the range of 0,000-0,000, which includes shipping and . Modern fiberglass pools are strong, durable and attractive. Apr 12, 2017 - The cost to install a fiberglass pool ranges between ,000 and 0,000, with most homeowners spending between 0,000 and 5,000. Jump to Average Pool Prices - The part of the pool you swim in is called the shell. Shells alone are relatively cheap, making up only about half the cost of a basic installation. . Some people do prefer to build their pools themselves, but . If your swimming pool has gotten so rundown that you avoid it rather than dive in, consider pool resurfacing, either in fiberglass or plaster. Jun 5, 2015 - Resurfacing costs for 3 pool types - how do vinyl liners, plaster and . would require it, but that is a rare occurrence with modern pool walls. Similarly, pools have a base price and options that go with them. . We do a lot more than the average 'concrete guy' and list them on our proposals. Second . Jul 12, 2016 - Wondering 'how much do swimming pools cost? . the average cost of a swimming pool is roughly 2,000—that's for a 32-foot-by-16-foot . option for the average family until after the end of World War II, as American industry was . The Cost of Going with a Vinyl Liner Pool vs Fiberglass Pools.

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