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hot glass pool table balls

Sep 25, 2012 - The buyer of a futuristic, 3000 glass pool table claims he's been . anything but specially-coated, custom-made balls, and you scratch the glass. Jul 18, 2017 - These are several shots of the X1 Everest pool table, a glass pool table built by Elite Innovations that's been treated with a proprietary transparent coating called 'Vitrik' that's supposed to provide ball physics similar to playing on felt. . Alternatively, go halvsies with your . Aug 8, 2017 - Great explainer on how glass top pool tables work Only balls supplied by Elite Innovations can be used on the Vitrik surface – though others . Sep 25, 2012 - High-end table: The G-1 glass-top pool table was sold by the Australian . The description of the table goes on to say that the custom cue balls . No bachelor pad should be without one of these transparent pool tables. . G-1 Glass Top Pool Table . each ball, and more of the image gets uncovered as the pool balls roll over this high tech billiards table. No longer must you tweak your heat and timer settings, now you can just turn on the toaster and literally watch it . Made from water jet cut glass to ensure precision, this stunning billiards table the image gets uncovered as the pool balls roll over this high tech billiards table. . Once inside, you're enveloped in soft heated water bed folds that creates the . Iszy Billiards Marble/Swirl Pool Table Ball Set by Iszy Billiards. . Whether youre solids or stripes, our Rack Em Up billiards shot glass set is the best way to cue up your drinks for yourself and all of . Delta-13 Billiards Elite Rack Hot Pink! I found a pair of triangle tables at a flea market. I painted them, added green felt, old pool balls and rack. I had the glass tops cut to fit the table. They look great in .

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