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formalebeaut pool chlorinator setting

Jun 25, 2008 - I was wondering what I shuold set the chlorinator at to keep from getting to much CYA or not have enough . My pool is 16' x 32', 22,000 gal with a hayward filter system. . The problem is that if you set it high enough to maintain the chlorine, the CYA will get too high. Jun 27, 2016 - I have a Hayward CL220 inline chlorinator and I'm wondering what setting others are using? The adjustment dial goes from 0 to 10. My pool is . Amber - If your chlorine level is continually low you may have to increase the chlorinator setting. Before you change the setting, however, make sure your pool is . The Hayward Aqua Plus is a multifunction pool controller used to fully desired pool and spa temperatures and pool and spa chlorinator settings can be . May 21, 2012 - Swimming pool chlorinators are perhaps more aptly known as erosion chemical feeders. These devices simply erode chlorine tablets, as pool .

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