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neutral the pool cleaner manual

OWNERS MANUAL. 2 WHEEL and 4 WHEEL. SUCTION-SIDE POOLCLEANERS ng • Tel (7071 566 0400 . O POOLVERGNUEGEN • 3195 Regiond Parks. (Hoses won't straighten), The PoolCleaner does NOT clean the entire pool. . Low wheel RPM (insufficient flow), (See the manual to adjust RPM) After adjusting, . 2 Wheel Limited Edition Suction PoolCleaner · 4 Wheel Limited Edition Suction PoolCleaner · 2 Wheel Limited Edition Suction PoolCleaner. Manual (pdf) . This guide shows you how to wire a standard pool pump. . electrical shock or can damage your pump motor and void your warranty. . There is no neutral. How to troubleshoot and repair pool pumps by Hayward, Pentair, Jacuzzi. . to the pool through the wall or floor returns, pressure cleaners or water features. . If one wire is connected to a breaker, and the other to the 'neutral' Buss bar, then it . Installation Instructions: Read these instructions in its . must not be less then 5 feet (3 meters in Canada) from inside edge of pool. Connect the NEUTRAL from the LOAD side of the GFCI to the NEUTRAL terminal. . and the Pool Cleaner. Jan 1, 2008 - In a 120v installation you would have a single hot wire, a neutral wire, . 150 cartridge filter, The PoolCleaner 2X suction cleaner, Liquidator still . Read owner's manual completely before operating the cleaner. do not operate water. A pH value of 7.0 denotes neutrality, i.e. neither acid nor alkaline. High.

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