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winsome calcium chloride pools

When the hardness of your pool water drops below 150 ppm, just add Calcium Hardness Increaser. Product is granular calcium chloride. Dosage: 6 lbs. per . In The Swim Pool Calcium Hardness Increaser - 25 lb. . hardness 50ppm, 25 Lbs/100ppm, 50 Lbs/200ppm Active Ingredients: Calcium Chloride Due to product . Rob Cox. by Rob Cox, January 5, 2010. Calcium Hardness in Swimming Pools. calcium chloride CaCL2. Discovered in 1603 by a fellow named Homberg, who . Mar 29, 2010 - Calcium chloride for pools is a chemical compound used to maintain pool health. Pool water can be 'hard' water, or 'soft' water, depending on . Nov 20, 2017 - I use it to keep track of all my pools and their chemistry. The Orenda app will tell you exactly how much calcium chloride you need. Bring the .

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