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attractive dryer wont dry

If your clothes dryer feels really hot, but your clothes take forever to dry, the vent may be clogged. A clogged vent traps the excess hot air inside the dryer's drum. Feb 24, 2011 - Your Dryer Is Heating Up, But Your Clothes Aren't Drying. If your dryer is/isn't heating up, you most likely have a faulty thermal fuse. . If the dryer gets too hot, the thermal fuse will trip. You can't reset a fuse, so if this is the problem, replace it immediately with a new one. Sep 21, 2013 - When this happens your dryer is unable to expel the hot air from . If your dryer is now heating and properly drying your clothes then you fixed the problem. . Won't dry clothes on sensor time. but dries on other settings, dryer . Sep 22, 2008 - . me what it means that my dryer is hot, but the clothes are not drying? . if it's getting hot and not spinning then the clothers probably won't dry. This is a quick video on how to unclog your old dryer that may not be drying . FAST FIX - Dryer Taking Too . This is a video on how to repair a Whirlpool or Kenmore brand dryer that spins and works as it should with the . Mar 26, 2012 - Both of the above answers are good. The third thing to check is that both the breakers and both heating elements are working. Your dryer uses . Mar 2, 2018 - If the heating element isn't working properly, the dryer will still spin and the cycle will complete, but it won't get hot enough to help dry the . Aug 1, 2014 - Clothes dryers work by using a combination of heat and motion to . reason why your clothes dryer is no longer producing hot air is because the heating 5 Reasons Why Your Electric Cook-top Burners Won't Get Hot · Proud . Nov 1, 2010 - kenmore dryer tumbles and gets hot, but doesn't dry clothes. Everything appears to work except for the fact the clothes won't dry. + Add Details.

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