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5 days ago - Raymond Forbes/Getty Images . This particular kit, the 4-in-1 by Guardex, tests your pool water's pH, total chlorine, total bromine, acid . Refer to the acid dosage chart for the correct amount of acid to add to your pool. Using the test kit, fill the test kit up to the indicated line with pool water. Then add five drops of phenol red to the red side of the test kit, and five drops of OTO to the yellow side of the test kit. Obtain Pool Samples from below the surface of the water by inverting tube to trap air; submerge to 18'; reverse tube to release air . Hold Dropper · Bottle vertically and add drops slowly to insure full size drop. 5. Perform . 4-WAY TEST KIT INSTRUCTIONS. CHLORINE/BROMINE TEST. pH TEST . much acid is required. Dec 20, 2013 - testing-pool-water - the wrong way - image purchased from dreamstime . Test kits, strips and readers are used to check pool water balance levels. . DPD Test Kit take maintenance a step further and include a dosage chart . Instructions for the Kem-Tek 5-Way Test Kit for your Pool and Spa. . To insure uniform drop-size, hold the bottle vertically while adding reagents. . the disinfectant strength in the water; actual values of bromine and iodine may be taken from . Jump to Using the Testing Kit - Pool testing kits come in several different varieties. . When doing a liquid test, pour a few drops of the dye into the water sample. . 5 in 1, or 6 in 1 strips, several colored patches on the strips may change. Pool test kits make it simple to quickly test the chemical conditions of both . The numbers below are typical, but your own pool test kit may include . that allow you to easily add a certain number of drops to their water samples. . To prevent automated bots from spamming, please enter the text you see in the image below: . May 17, 2012 - Regular testing of your pool water is important for many reasons. . Another reason to test your pool water is that your swimming pool also . Jul 31, 2014 - Testing Kits & Supplies Maintenance Cover Pumps · image. POOL HEATERS . Today I'll show you a variety of test kits and test strips for pool water testing, and . These three pool water tests are the crux of water balance, although many . And speaking of accuracy, drop style pool test kits are always more .

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