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little space pool table room size guide

Nov 9, 2011 - The width of the room at 168 inches minus twice the cue length, 116 inches equals 52 inches allowed for the width of the pool table. Your space can fit a pool table 84 inches long and 52 inches wide. Standard pool table sizes are 7 foot, 8 foot, 8 1/2 foot and 9 foot long. Reference line 'C' for a standard 58' cue. Seven foot table: 3.5' x 7' (Playing area: 38' x 76') A - 11' 6' x 14' 6' Oversize. eight foot table: 4' x 8' (Playing area: 46' x 92') Eight foot table: 4' x 8' (Playing area: 44' x 88') A - 12' x 15' 6' Nine foot table: 4.5' x 9' (Playing area: 50' x 100') A - 12' 6' x 16' 6 . How Much Space Do I Need For My Pool Table? Seven Foot (Bar Box Style) Table: 3.5' x 7' (Playing area: 38' x 76') Minimum Space Requirement: 13' x 16' Eight Foot Table: 4' x 8' (Playing area: 44' x 88') Minimum Space Requirement: 13' 6' x 17' Nine Foot (Pro Style) Table: 4.5' x 9' (Playing area: 50' x 100') It is imperative that you choose the right size snooker or pool table for your room to make sure you have the correct playing space needed. . play, sometimes we can get round these by using a shorter length cue going as small as 3' or 3' 6'. It is important to buy the right size Pool Table to fit in your room. . We have a chart below that will help guide you further but if you really want the correct . The best way to explain how much cueing room you're going to need around your pool table is to find the middle of the space you are intending to use and go out by the . The pool table room size chart should be used as a guide only. . Most shots are made on an angle with the ball away from the rail so less space is needed. A guide to ensuring your room is big enough for your pool table. Learn more about selecting the right pool . Learn what size of a room you need for a Pool Table. Considering a 7 ft, 8 ft or 9 ft Pool Table? We have the . Feb 3, 2016 - If you have been wondering about how much room you need for your pool table, this guide will help. The room size for a pool table can vary on .

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