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remodel how much does a swimming pool cost to build

HomeAdvisor's swimming pool remodel cost guide lists average cost . Instead of tearing down the pool and building a brand new one, remodeling it may be an . Upgrading your filter and pump might cost 00-,500. A new liner for a vinyl pool costs about ,000-,000, including installation. Basic concrete resurfacing costs ,000-0,000, although fancy features such as quartz or tile could push the price much higher. Jan 26, 2018 - When you are thinking about a swimming pool remodel, the first thing . the possible costs with a pool professional to make sure you are getting . Usually the disconnect is simply that pool owners do not fully appreciate the technical process used in building and renovating swimming pools. In the end, what . Dec 18, 2013 - Sure, the structure of well-built swimming pool might hold up for decades, but it's unlikely that you'll . How Much Does Pool Renovation Cost? Get tips from professionals on how to remodel an outdated swimming pool and . pool can cost as much to remodel as it does to build a new pool from scratch. Jun 25, 2014 - Does your swimming pool need resurfacing? . Pool resurfacing costs . 'We don't do many remodels in the summer because [customers] think . Dec 13, 2013 - For most inground pool renovations, prices start at 0,000. . A twenty year old pool can easily cost twice as much to build now, as it did then. Mar 27, 2017 - Swimming Pool Remodeling Items & Costs . You can make the coping tile consistent with the existent paving or different from it. You can .

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