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killer whirlpool water heater

Whether it's relaxing bubble baths, extra loads of laundry or the daily requirements of a growing family, Whirlpool® Gas and Electric Water Heaters deliver . Whirlpool's water heaters are designed to integrate their latest breakthroughs in water heating technology to increase energy-efficiency and decrease cost of . Get a new hot water heater from Whirlpool. Our home water heaters provide the efficiency and dependability your family needs for cleaning, bathing and more. Looking for a water heater? Read reviews and complaints about Whirlpool Water Heaters about product longevity, pricing, customer service and more. May 26, 2012 - Several months ago we had a strong sulfur smell in our hot water. . Since the water heater was getting on in years, we replaced it and all was . Sulfur or 'rotten-egg' odors can develop in water heaters and in corroded iron piping even . (ALTERNATE EASY METHOD: Use Water Heater Odor Killer kit); 6. What causes the rotten-egg odor in water heaters and how to fix it. This entry was posted in DIY and tagged plumbing rotten egg smell smelly water sulfur smell water water water heater on February 20, 2015 by Steve Jenkins . Watch more Hot Water Heaters videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/508820-Why-Water-Heater-Smells .

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