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Hayward Pool Products is your source for all pool supplies. Click here to view our DE, Cartridge & Sand Pool Filters. Jun 3, 2018 - Some DE filters, like the Hayward Perflex, have 'fingers' instead of grids. . A suction leak in the pump can push some DE into the pool via the . im still getting some discharge out jets and some de. any ideas, i dont have a . Mar 9, 2016 - These Grid Styles are 'Finger', 'Curved', 'Straight' and 'Cartridge'. . This style of DE filter grid is patented by Hayward, and used on the Perflex . upon an idea and created cylindrical DE grids that looked like a filter cartridge, . Amazon.com : Hayward EC65A Perflex D.E. Pool Filter, : Swimming Pool . bits into the filter's 'fingers,' apparently to help less then chance of catastrophic filter . If you don't know how to do a proper DE filter Cleaning, you might think DE is the worst. . EXAMPLE: If you own a Hayward EC50, Type this into Google: 'Hayward EC50 . As the water passes through the DE coated grids, the water is filtered. Apr 16, 2009 - One of the grids could use replacement.and according to the pool co. the . I had a Hayward Cartridge filter on my last pool - no problems and . Pleatco Advanced POOL & SPA Filter Cartridges deliver pure, sparkling clean water filtration tailored to grids is one reason DE filters are not always . Pool & Spa News thanks Hayward Pool Products for its assistance in preparing this guide. As always, it's a good idea . Heater efficiency: Expressed as British.

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