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Swim spas are the latest trend in hot tubs and pools that many will find useful. These are a combination pool/spa hybrid that is smaller but offers the full benefits . Dec 13, 2016 - In-Fit F8P 18' is a combination swim spa and hot tub. . Pool & Spa News: Trends, news, products, design and business strategies for pool and . Sep 15, 2017 - Swim spas have been on the market for decades, but the category seems to have recently taken off. Half hot tub, half swimming pool, these . Nov 2, 2017 - Compare the best hot tubs using expert ratings and consumer reviews in . learn about current trends in the hot tub market in order to find a tub that fits . Choose one for relaxing or for low-impact swimming, rowing, jogging or strength training. The choice depends on a combination of cost, maintenance . There is no better place to unwind and spend some time with friends and family than in a hot tub. With the rapid advancement of technology, the hot tub . Oct 3, 2016 - How about a pool, spa, waterfall, tanning ledge combo? Simple rectangular pools just aren't cutting it these days. Trends in 2016 are pushing . See the hottest swimming pool and hot tub trends of 2015 come to life. . Pool step tile in a combination of Lightstreams Renaissance Collection Aqua iridescent . Everyone knows there's a default color scheme for pool and spa stores: blue and white. While the colors tie thematically into your offerings, a blue and white . Oct 30, 2010 - (Courtesy Concord Pools/Master Spas) The H2X Momentum by Master Spas is a combination swim spa plus hydrothermal therapy tub with a .

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