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new pool salt generator not producing chlorine

If your Stabilizer is too low, the pool water will not be able to hold the chlorine being produced and it will appear that your SCG cell is not producing adequately. Apr 30, 2016 - Also be sure that no debris is trapped inside of the cell, some pool filter . board) is what is preventing the salt cell from producing chlorine. What to do when your salt system is not keeping up with your pool. One of the most . Would you like to install a new saltwater chlorine generator? Contact Pool . Apr 14, 2010 - AutoPilot Salt Chlorine Generators www.autopilot.com we had everything leveled out and had no problemswe are new to all this and are . May 24, 2011 - Saltwater pools use a generator to make their own chlorine, so a . in the pool—or if perhaps your generator is not producing chlorine at all. they just put a new Pentair intellichlor and its been 2 days and not producing Chlorine. . drips and test the water for chlorine coming from this, be sure the cell light . This is especially important to salt water chlorinated pools. What's the best way to fix the numbers with low chlorine? This is a new system about 5 months old. Aug 16, 2016 - We have recalibrated system after installation, the sensor is also new so we are at a loss as to why we are not producing chlorine. Salt levels . Dec 13, 2013 - When a salt chlorine generator begins to fail it will not produce . the pool until we could make sure the new salt generator was producing the .

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