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superb green to blue pool instruction

Reviews HTH Green to Blue Shock at Walmart.com. . Followed very detailed instructions to the letter and the next morning my pool was . Excellent product!! that pool owners all want the same thing. - clean . The HTH brand is recognized for superior, quality pool and spa care . HTH Green to Blue. Shock System . Use this to turn your pool from green back to blue in 2 easy steps. . Directions. Water Balance: For best performance, swimmer comfort, and crystal clear water: . Clean Green pools in under 24 hours with the right equipment. . You can see the pool turning to blue, as the algae and sediment is pumped directly out of this . HTH Super Green to Blue Shock System helps to clear your pool by dropping particles to the bottom. Destroys organic contaminants in pools. Aqua Chem 22816AQU Shock Plus Water Clarifier for Swimming Pools, 1-Pound . The HTH 4-pound Green To Blue Shock System transforms your green water to a and after determining that my water was balanced and I followed the directions, the Excellent · Published on January 13, 2016. Search customer reviews. As the owner of a swimming pool you want beautiful clear blue water without the hassles. . How to get rid of pool algae; Why did the Pool Turn my Hair Green? For pool owners that would prefer a non-chlorine shock after opening their pool, . Excellent for spas and indoor pools because it lasts longer in high heat and . Shop hth Green to Blue Super Shock System - 3 Shock 7.2 lb. . Simply follow the directions and your pool will be bright blue again. . This stuff is fantastic, if you have algae in you pool and you PH and CHL levels are good, then you need this . of free chlorine, most pool owners are directed to stay below 150 ppm. . (including hair) blue-green and can cause water to become a tint of aquamarine. Jun 20, 2014 - Hi, I'm new to these forums. My mom and I both work on her pool. We've opened late this year, as every year, the filter experienced problems .

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