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delicious green to blue pool hth

hth® Super green to blue shock system. 4.9. At the start of the season, or if a severe algae bloom occurs during the season, the pool can be treated and returned to its clear blue appearance within 24 hours by using the hth®super green to blue shock system. Keep your swimming pool crystal clear blue with the help of this HTH Super Green To Blue. This kit includes two bags of shock and two bags of flocculent that . 20.00 later I find this stuff. Left my pool uncovered this past winter and had the biggest mess this spring. My water was a black green. It is a 13500 gallon pool. Buy the kit here: http://amzn.to/2ayhkWe Get this, and all the things we've used on DoItYourselfDad here: http . This video shows you how to shock your pool with HTH Green to Blue Shock Treatment. For more details . Jul 30, 2014 - HTH® can help with the added 'green effect' of winter time cooler temps with HTH® Green to Blue Shock treatment. In 24 hours your pool will . May 9, 2014 - There shouldn't be any more green color and the water visibility . back to a crystal clear, beautiful blue swimming pool, who's ready for a dip?! Jul 30, 2014 - We used the HTH® Pool Care Products Green to Blue Shock System and we could tell without even testing that our ph and chlorine levels were . Nov 13, 2010 - Your swimming pool is suffering from green algae growth. . Test result looks purple or blue: This indicates that your pool water has a very high .

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