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diy concept alligator in pool sarasota fl

Jun 8, 2017 - Deputies in Sarasota responded to a call after residents discovered an . A Florida alligator breaks through a screen and swims in a pool . SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. - A Florida homeowner discovered a big surprise in their swimming pool on . Mar 31, 2018 - An 11-foot-long alligator went for a night-time swim in a family's pool in Sarasota County, Fla. The Sarasota County Sheriff's office responded to . SARASOTA, Fla. (KGO) --. A Florida homeowner found a surprise visitor in his swimming pool Friday night . . Visit · Jobs · Ask UF · University of Florida · Facebook · Twitter · Instagram · YouTube. University of Florida Gainesville, FL 32611. UF Operator: (352) 392-3261

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