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DECISION OF BREAK Flip a coin (NOT OVER THE TABLE). . With 'cue ball in hand,' the player may use a hand or cue (including the tip) to position the cue . The games of Pool Billiards are played on a flat table covered with cloth and . first paragraph of this rule, even though the tip is arguably still on the cue ball . All games described in these rules are designed for tables, balls and equipment meeting . Legal shots require that the cue ball be struck only with the cue tip. A list of pool tips and secrets that all great players know and wish they had known . The 30 degree rule predicts a rolling CB heads in the natural-angle direction. . angle heads close to the center of the table, if very useful for position play. The base of the rack is parallel to the short end of the pool table and is positioned so the ball in the tip of the rack is located on the center of the foot spot. There are generally three things you'll be using: a cue stick, table, and pool balls. . Tips vary from soft to hard, though inexperienced pool players are best served with a medium to . Determine the scratch rules before you start any game. The number one rule in breaking is to hit the head ball - almost always the 1 . Every table breaks differently, but there are a few ways to find the sweet spot in a . Mar 10, 2017 - You can find a pool table and a jukebox in most 'dive bars' across . Bar rules vary depending on what bar you're playing at and the skill level of your opponent. I play with nickel tips, but again that's a personal preference.

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