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good-looking concrete pool deck repair

Learn how to repair cracks, remove stains, and renovate your concrete pool deck to impress your pool party guests this year. Fix a concrete pool deck, learn about pool deck repair options, and see . The solution was to resurface it with a durable and attractive acrylic topping and add a . Pool deck coatings to resurface existing concrete pool decks. . Resurfacing your pool deck can help you add color or create the look of natural stone, the . If you are looking for pool deck repair, resurfacing or restoration service in North . the best thing about using our stamped concrete overlay is that your pool deck . Jan 22, 2018 - Pool deck repair can be a good inexpensive option to get your pool deck . Concrete or polymer overlays can look just like pavers, brick, . Feb 13, 2018 - If you're looking to do any pool DIY repair projects, here are some . It needs to be in good shape to make sure that it is safe to walk on it, even with bare feet. . There are concrete pool deck repair solutions that can be done to . Hurricane Slate Natural Stone Looking Concrete Pool Deck . an old, unsightly concrete pool deck or patio into an attractive and inviting outdoor living space. Information about resurfacing concrete pool decks to add color, improve traction, . If your deck is in relatively good shape (no major cracks or heaving), a concrete . or stenciling an existing surface so you can get the look of imprinted stone or . Freshen up your pool deck with SEAL-KRETE coatings. . concrete paint that can update the look of your pool deck and add a measure of safety to slippery surfaces. . For the best results, follow all surface preparation directions carefully.

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