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uk hayward pool heater error code hs

H5 or HS error on Hayward heater. . Ido t think so - Answered by a verified Pool and Spa Expert. . What's the model number of your unit? . And same code. Jun 13, 2016 - Our Hayward H400FDP pool heater gets error code HS, makes a lot of noise and shuts down every time we turn it on. - Answered by a verified . May 23, 2017 - The pool is equipped with a Hayward H400 FDN gas heater. . Heater is firing up and after 1 minute of running it throws a HS Code and . Jul 5, 2010 - Could the Error code be HS? That is high temperature limit. Perhaps you' don't have enough flow, allowing the heater to heat the water to a . when the pump shuts down the heater will display a fault code of 'LO'. . HF. Flame present with gas valve 'OFF' error. If flame is sensed with the gas valve off . Jul 14, 2008 - I put the pool heater in standby and the LO light comes an and . If you have this error code the first thing you should do is backwash your filter. Mar 25, 2009 - its displaying error code SF and H5 what does it mean? thanks. HF Code. Page 37. LO Code. Pages 38-41. IF Code. Pages 42-44. AC Code. Page 45 . Heater must then be in Spa or Pool Mode for operation. The heater will. HS. Max. Return Water Temp. Exceeded. HF. Flame Present with Gas Valve . The Hayward heater LED display will show a diagnostic fault code of 'IF' A single gallon of Propane will produce 91,000 British Thermal Unit (BTUs) in an hour. Title: Hayward H-Series Heater Owner's Manual, Author: Swimco Pools, Name: . WARNING – Failure to bond to pool structure will increase risk for . The control will continue to display the error code and remain in lockout until it is reset. An error was detected in the ignition control circuit board. AO. AC. IO. SF. HS. IF.

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