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Nov 9, 2011 - The first thing to consider when thinking about creating a pool room is the space. . The pool room size needed then is the length of the pool table plus 2 times . 15 balls a combination score keeper and ball tray works great. Here we help you consider what size room is needed for different sized pool tables. . Standard pool table sizes are 7 foot, 8 foot, 8 1/2 foot and 9 foot long. . aside the 10 through 15 balls a combination score keeper and ball tray works great. Sep 28, 2014 - Table dimensions, clearances, room size and lighting are some of the things to consider when buying and installing a pool table. . But lofts, attics and finished spaces over garages can be great too, especially when they're . How to Choose which pool table size you are interested in purchasing. . You should consider what size of cues you plan to use, and you may also wants some room for . A seven-foot table can be a great addition to a smaller room, however. A pool table can be a great addition to a family room or game room; however, . may want to seriously consider a pool table of this size - but only if their living . Take a few moments to ensure you're choosing the right size table for your billiard or game room. Simply use the chart below to determine the minimum space . How Much Space Do You Need For A Pool Table Room? . the width of the pool table plus 2 times the length of the cue. Look at an Example Room for a Pool Table . With these considerations in mind, you will choose a great table that's . Aug 24, 2017 - Let's take a look at a very popular request: a pool table room or game room. . But before we delve into figuring pool table room sizes for your new space, . A small game room can present a challenge, but with a good square . cloth effects; cloth types; cushion compression; cushion nose height; drawing lines on the . pool table dimensions and required room sizes; table difficulty factor (TDF); terminology Also see the ball surface treatment resource page, because reducing CB . Here's a good cloth buying guide which explains various options: .

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