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nice above ground pool filters sand vs cartridge

This blog examines the primary differences between sand pool filters and cartridge pool filters for above ground swimming pools. Nov 25, 2014 - Sand Filters are generally the most compact and more affordable way to filter an in-ground or above ground pool. Basically, the way a sand . Nov 10, 2017 - What are the drawbacks of having sand vs cartridge? . JD - 28' Round Above Ground Pool, 17,000 Gallons. . Based on that observation, I'm pretty comfortable that the 30-month old cartridges are catching a good portion of . Nov 3, 2015 - Everyone has a different opinion on the best type of pool filter to use, but the fact is, . As filter sand or filter cartridges age, they lose up to half of their . to pay double the cost for something that will do pretty much the same job. . now a sand filter. Which should I get for a 18' x 40' Oval 54' Thahitian above ground pools. . It's not quite Ford vs. Chevy, but it's . I'm pretty sure I've seen a post on this forum in the past advising against that. But here's an idea. I told you I was going to replace my cartridge filter with a sand filter. What I . Oct 20, 2015 - Get a easy and detailed breakdown of Sand, DE, and Cartridge pool filters. . The average price of an above ground sand filter is 50. . However, even though cartridge filters seem pretty great, they are not recommended . Jump to Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools with GFCI - It uses sand to filter water for your pool. . The most powerful unit i.e. 3000 GPH can work for above ground pools . Works pretty quickly, thanks to . Jul 26, 2011 - This job uses both a sand filter (for the pool) and a cartridge filter (for . DE filters are next on the resistance comparison line, and cartridge . Apr 29, 2016 - Most of the time above ground pool filter systems come in a pack. . Let me start here by saying I'm not a big fan of sand filters. . I like it too because the filter is opened when the cartridge is cleaned which gives you the opportunity to inspect the . The DE catches all the debris from the water nicely.

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