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victory pool chlorine too high

The recommended range for residential pools is 1 – 3 ppm (parts-per-million) of chlorine in the water. If pool chlorine level is too high: Pool surfaces and equipment damage. High chlorine can lower the pH of your pool water, turning the water more acidic. Indoor pools can be more difficult to manage, but there are still many options available. If you'd like to reduce day-to-day chlorine levels without risking . Moving back to your question, too much chlorine can be dangerous and the exposure to over-chlorinated water may cause asthma, long irritation and even skin and eye irritation. Also, high chlorine levels lower the pH of the water, which becomes more acidic and may affect the pool itself. May 29, 2016 - Most people think it's too much chlorine in the water but in reality, it's too little chlorine. The solution is closer monitoring of pool chemical levels . Jun 19, 2016 - The strong chlorine odor coming from a public or a backyard pool isn't what . But when chlorine in water combines with too much urine or fecal matter, . and Health Council's award-winning summer Healthy Pools campaign. May 23, 2016 - . they smell at pools is a sign that there's too much chlorine in the water. . Health Council's award winning summer Healthy Pools campaign, . Jun 24, 2016 - Without getting too technical, the reading that is a measure of how much chlorine is available in pool water to destroy germs is known as the . Jan 13, 2015 - A Pittsburgh area mom just wanted to give her daughter a great 11th birthday. Jul 7, 2016 - The Difference Between Free and Total Chlorine From Swim University . swimming pool chlorine level too high · swimming pool chlorine level too low . and renovating award-winning and nationally-recognized gunite pools .

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