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superb pool drain cover regulations

Oct 12, 2012 - There is nothing in the legislation that requires changes to existing pools or . The drain covers should be swapped any time the water is drained. . Speaking of the Olympics, did you see any drains in the gorgeous blue pools . standard that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute and published by . Sec. 1404. Federal swimming pool and spa drain cover standard. . Risk Management · Sheriff-Coroner-Marshal · Successor Agency & Oversight Board · Superior . Our Specialists inspect Public Pools and Spas and investigate complaints . that main drain covers and pool return line covers meet certain standards for . VGBA Safety Vacuum Release AND Main Drain Cover Replacement . As the drain cover standard cited in the federal pool and spa safety law has been rewritten, . Not if professionals learn how to implement the new requirements. Apr 1, 2015 - The VGB Act mandated the following changes in federal regulations for public . All pool drain covers manufactured, distributed or entered into . safety standards expressed in the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety . (1) adopting the federal swimming pool and spa drain cover standard and (2) . All suction fitting assemblies or drain covers manufactured or sold comply with the . This presents an excellent opportunity to reconnect with original customers, . Help stay compliant with the Pool and Spa Safety Act. Guardian replacement motors . superior approach to meeting government-mandated SVRS requirements . proper drain covers and other safeguards as prescribed by local regulations, . This federal law requires pool drain covers to be certified and meet certain requirements designed to reduce the number of suction entrapment incidents and .

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