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grand how to winterize an above ground pool with a sand filter

Follow these steps to winterize your sand filter system. . The Pool Factory employs a highly trained staff of above ground and semi inground pool specialists. The first step to opening your above ground pool is to remove the winter cover. . Now that your cover is off, skimmer open, and returns in, it's time to un-winterize your filter system and equipment. . If you own a sand filter then it's a good idea to backwash your sand first thing to clean out any debris grand auto parts link. Aug 24, 2011 - Winterizing an Above Ground Pool For SAND FILTERS – pour or pump out the sand, clean the tank and store both the pump and filter inside. Therefore, we urge you to take care in winterizing your above ground pool. If you have a sand filter that takes 100# – 200# of filter sand, you will probably find . Jul 26, 2016 - Also, an above ground pool without water is much lighter, and the chance of being blown away Unplug and leave the sand filter drain plug. Sand filter pumps are usually housed away from the pool, and almost by definition . My above ground pool will be emptied at the end of the month, cleaned and . The sand pro 50d is an ultra-quiet, energy-saving sand filter system that will clean your above ground pool 10 times faster than an equivalent size cartridge filter, . Tanning Beds · Radiance · Avalon · Grande . How to Close an Above Ground Pool. 1) Bring in a . 3) Backwash to clean the sand. 4) Add Winter Care Winterizing Kit to pool and allow products to circulate for 12-24 hours. 5) After waiting . 10) Remove the drain plugs off the filter and pump, and allow all the water to drain.

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