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kind how to winterize a pool slide

The fittings at the pool slide were glued in place by our contractor, there are no fittings that can be disconnected for winterizing it. The water shut off valve for the . Nov 6, 2010 - After having the pool man help me close, i have a question. . The guy this year took the union apart, blew it out, added antifreeze, and then reconnected and shut the valve. I am concerned that water can somehow enter the slide pipe via the outlet that disperses water onto the slide . Find all of your pool supply and winterizing needs at Doheny's Pool Supplies . Choosing the best outdoor pool slide will depend a great deal on the type of pool . How to Winterize And Close A Swimming Pool - Poolandspa.com. . Put a Gizzmo-type screw in plug in the skimmer when bubbles start to become visible. . Also, if you have a slide, an auto vac system or a waterfall, you will have to drain and . NOTE: A swimming pool winterization of this type is rarely done in Texas or some . backwash valve and leave it open if it is a 'push-pull' or slide style backwash . Nov 24, 2014 - Pool slides can be made of all different kinds of materials. When you winterize your pool, be sure to take your slide inside if you can. Winterizing a Pool – Inground Pools . and the use of certain types of covers which may allow sunlight and fine organic . heating, pool cleaners, and slides. Sep 21, 2012 - Details on using a Cyclone blower to blow out pool plumbing. . closed, and called us out for our blow-only service, to winterize the underground lines. . Lower the water level 4-12″ below skimmer, depending on cover type . almost empty; Set multiport valve to Recirculate, Filter position for slide valves .

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